Stories from 2010:

Assange supporters who recycle misinformation

Published December 2010.

Published by Huffington Post
December 30 2010
Bianca Jagger last week launched a fierce attack on the Guardian for carrying my story about the evidence collected by Swedish police who have been investigating the claims of sexual assault by the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange.
At the heart of her attack is a repeated claim that we failed [...]

Ten days in Stockholm

Published December 2010.

Published by the Guardian
December 18 2010
Documents seen by the Guardian reveal for the first time the full details of the allegations of rape and sexual assault that have led to extradition hearings against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.
The case against Assange, which has been the subject of intense speculation and dispute in mainstream media and [...]

Press Complaints Commission breaks its own rules

Published December 2010.

Published by the Guardian
November 23 2010
The Press Complaints Commission, which urges newspapers not to publish misleading information, today found itself in the embarrassing position of formally apologising and paying damages for misleading remarks made by its chairman, Baroness Buscombe.
The commission and the baroness this morning (Tuesday Nov 23) made a formal statement of regret at [...]

Court orders Mulcaire to name the big names

Published November 2010.

The Guardian
November 18 2010
The private investigator at the centre of the phone-hacking scandal has been ordered by a High Court judge to reveal who instructed him to engage in the illegal interception of voicemail messages of public figures.
Glenn Mulcaire, who was jailed in January 2007 for intercepting the voicemail of eight people, had asked the [...]

US turns a blind eye to torture and murder in Iraq

Published October 2010.

Unedited version of story published by the Guardian
October 23 2010
American authorities in Iraq have failed to investigate hundreds of reports of detainees being abused, tortured, raped and even murdered by soldiers and police working with coalition forces.
The leaked Iraqi war logs disclose hundreds of grim reports, often supported by medical evidence, describing prisoners who are [...]

War logs disclose systemic torture in Iraq

Published October 2010.

The Guardian
October 23 2010
A prisoner was kneeling on the ground, blindfolded and handcuffed, when an Iraqi soldier walked over to him and kicked him in the neck. A US marine sergeant was watching and reported the incident, which was duly recorded and judged to be valid. The outcome: “No investigation required.”
That was a relatively minor [...]

“Coulson listened to hacked messages” claims former colleague

Published October 2010.

The Guardian
October 4 2010
The Prime Minister’s media adviser, Andy Coulson, personally listened to the intercepted voicemail messages of public figures when he edited the News of the World, according to a senior journalist who worked alongside him.
Coulson has always denied knowing about any illegal activity by the journalists who worked for him but an unidentified [...]

News of the World witness challenges Scotland Yard

Published September 2010.

The Guardian
September 17 2010
A former News of the World journalist who came forward with information about illegal activities at the paper has challenged Scotland Yard to arrest him after detectives threatened to interview him as a suspect not a witness.
Paul McMullan told the Guardian last week that the Prime Minister’s media adviser, Andy Coulson, must [...]

Sienna Miller to take Scotland Yard and News of the World to court

Published September 2010.

The Guardian
September 15 2010
Sienna Miller yesterday became the latest public figure to join the legal assault on Scotland Yard and the News of the World over the phone-hacking scandal.
Lawyers for the actor, whose private life has been a tabloid obsession, said she was ready to join the former deputy prime minister John Prescott and others [...]

Police are sued by former senior officer and ministers

Published September 2010.

The Guardian
September 14 2010
with David Leigh
A lawsuit alleging a police cover-up of phone hacking has been launched by one of Scotland Yard’s own former senior officers, Brian Paddick, together with the former Labour minister Chris Bryant.
The former deputy prime minister John Prescott and at least one other person are expected to join the action, which [...]

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