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This is an archive of stories written by Nick Davies with a separate section on his books. This page displays the most recent stories. Find others through the subject categories or annual list on the right of this page; or use the search engine to find key words in their text.

Latest stories:

Revealed: the Asian criminals trafficking wildlife to extinction

Published September 2016.

Published by The Guardian September 26 2016 With Oliver Holmes There is a simple reason why there is always trouble in Nakhon Phanom. It is the reason why the US air force came here during the Vietnam war, and the reason why this dull and dusty town in north-east Thailand now serves as a primary […]

How senior government officials collude with wildlife crime

Published September 2016.

Published by The Guardian September 27 2016 With Oliver Holmes Officials at the highest level of an Asian government have been helping wildlife criminals smuggle millions of dollars worth of endangered species through their territory, the Guardian can reveal. In a gross breach of current national and international law, for more than a decade the […]

Wildlife trafficking – destructive, cruel and a most attractive crime

Published September 2016.

Published by The Guardian September 26 2016 With Oliver Holmes Additional reporting by Calvin Godfrey The illegal trade in wildlife is a most attractive crime. It is highly destructive: the scale of the business is now threatening to exterminate the entire global population of some of the world’s iconic species. It is also grotesquely cruel: […]

The official corruption which aids wildlife crime

Published September 2016.

Additional research by Calvin Godfrey One dark night a few years ago, a professional gangster in Hanoi approached a senior government official as he was making his way home. The gangster was in the wildlife business. The official was one of those responsible for policing the safety of wildlife. That night, the gangster made him […]

China defies international community with secret trade in tiger parts

Published September 2016.

Published by The Guardian September 27 2016 With Oliver Holmes China stands accused of deceiving the international community by allowing a network of farms to breed thousands of captive tigers for the sale of their body parts – in breach of their own long-standing pledge to stop the trade. The Chinese government has allowed some […]

The biggest thief in the history of the world

Published May 2016.

Published by The Guardian May 7 2016 In the early hours of a February morning in 1986, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos flew into exile. After 21 years as president of the Philippines, Marcos had rigged one too many elections. The army had turned against him, and the people had come out on to the streets […]

Rape, murder and the truth about the new Myanmar

Published March 2016.

Published by The Guardian March 9 2016 Additional reporting by Poppy McPherson There is an old video clip which is famous in Myanmar. It shows a comedian on stage gesticulating with effervescent energy as his straight man challenges him to dance in different styles, first Indian, then Chinese and then… in the style of the […]

Thieves stole everything I had – except the human connections

Published December 2015.

Published by thespinoff.co.nz December 14 2015 There was one single day in March which pulled together the big theme of my whole year. I was in South Africa, researching the story of a man who had become the leader of a wildcat strike at a platinum mine near Johannesburg and who, for his efforts, had […]

Stephen Harper – the very model of a modern politician (and rogue)

Published November 2015.

Published by The Guardian October 15 2015 Additional research by Mali Ilse Paquin An unkind cartoon this summer showed the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, kneeling before the statue of another politician, asking “What now, O Great One?” That in itself would not be unkind. The problem is that the statue is clearly labelled as […]

One little river – one big story of flood, drought and pollution

Published October 2015.

Published in edited form by The Guardian October 8 2015 This begins with a man in the street. I often used to notice him, because he looked so out of place. In amongst the townies with their anoraks and sensible shoes, he was blatantly a country man in weather-beaten tweeds and clumpy boots. More than […]

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