Drugs: The Phony War

Dispatches, June 1 2001

Exposing the big lie which sits at the heart of the global policy on heroin. How ignorant politicians are creating the very problems which they claim that their prohibition policy is solving.

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The Crime Game

Dispatches, March 1 1999

The inside story of systematic malpractice by UK police who cheat the victims of crime and allow offenders to walk free simply in order to make their official statistics look better.

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Defending the Realm

World in Action, July 15 1991

Aided by the whistle-blowing of a secret civil servant, Robin Robison, this programme disclosed systematic illegal activity by the UK's eavesdropping agency, GCHQ, and its US partner, the NSA.

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The Boy Business

Network First, April 8 1997

Based on original research by Nick Davies and Melanie McFadeyan, this documentary broadcast details of a vicious network of paedophiles in Amsterdam, including interviews with men who claimed to know about boys who had been murdered by them.

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The Informer

World In Action, November 1 1995

The astonishing tale of how Scotland Yard allowed murderous Jamaican Yardie gangsters to enter the UK illegally and then turned a blind eye as they committed a string of serious crimes.

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The Yard’s Yardies

World In Action, February 1 1997

Sequel to The Informer, revealing more about the law-bending in Scotland Yard's handling of informers among Jamaican Yardie gangsters in London - leading to the rape of a schoolgirl and the murder of a young woman.

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Murder on Ward Four

World In Action, May 1 1993

The horrifying story of Nurse Bev Allitt who attacked and killed the children in her care while a beleagured and underfunded National Health Service failed to act.

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1,000 Nights in Beirut

World In Action, November 1 1989

Penetrating the UK's failure to free any of the British hostages who were kidnapped and held by militia groups in Beirut in the 1980s.

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The New Nazis

World in Action, June 1 1990

Uncovering the growth of violent new fascist groups as the Communist Party disintegrated in the Soviet Union.

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Combat 18 – Playing with Fire

World In Action, March 1 1988

Exposing Charlie Sargent, the fascist gangster who committed arson and murder in the UK while secretly working for the police as an informer.

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No Way Out

World In Action, July 1 1990

An early example of refugees being pushed through the loopholes in international law as they flee from political persecution.

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