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Stephen Harper – the very model of a modern politician (and rogue)

Published November 2015.

Published by The Guardian October 15 2015 Additional research by Mali Ilse Paquin An unkind cartoon this summer showed the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, kneeling before the statue of another politician, asking “What now, O Great One?” That in itself would not be unkind. The problem is that the statue is clearly labelled as […]

Vote-rigging is easy

Published March 2001.

The whole world threw up its hands in horror at the electoral malpractice which was revealed in Florida in the long harsh climax to last November’s presidential election. As though election-rigging were new. As though election-rigging were some kind of American disease, which couldn’t happen here.

How to fiddle an election

Published October 1994. One comment... »

It was an almost invisible event. Far away from the high-profile politics of Westminster, in the pebble-dash suburbs of north London, in a cramped and over-heated room on the first floor of Barnet magistrates court, Mr Miles Parker, aged 29, was convicted last month (Sept) of two criminal offences. The case was barely reported. Yet it deserved a little more attention.

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