'School Report' series 2 - Money

Rich school, poor school

The Guardian, March 6 2000

It is speech day at Roedean College. The string orchestra plays Mozart's Divertimento in D as the parents gather in the Centenary Hall. They have come to hear the Chairman of Council report on the state of the school, to join the applause for the retiring staff and to watch the three head girls deliver their review of the year, but most of all, these mothers and fathers have come to salute the...

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A £19 billion lie - the big budget boost for schools that turned out not to exist

The Guardian, March 7 2000

There are many mysteries in David Blunkett's Department for Education, but the greatest of them all is this: where has all the money gone?

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What's wrong with private schools

The Guardian, March 8 2000

Let us begin with the story of what the historian Professor Brian Simon once described as 'probably the biggest hijack of public resources in history'. This was plotted 131 years ago when the government's Schools Inquiry Commission declared that there was no reason to encourage ‘indiscriminate gratuituous instruction', an idea which they compared in its mischief to the indiscriminate donation of...

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