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Poor People series 4 - the thief's tale

The Guardian, August 31 1994

The little thief sits on the old park bench with his chin on his chest and his feet in the dust, wrapping a long blade of grass around the knuckles of his hand and trying to explain his dream. Do you know the thief's dream? He wants to go to college.

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The thief who tried to change

The Guardian, December 1 1994

No one ever said it was going to be easy. Daniel had spent years getting in and out of trouble. He'd been thrown out of school without taking his exams, he'd fallen out with his parents, he'd started thieving for a living in Brixton, he had been taking drugs and then he'd got shot. So when, last summer, at the age of 18, he decided to change his whole life and go to college instead, he knew it was...

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Poor Places series 1 - the school

The Guardian, July 17 1995

There is a small boy in the playground, probably about eight years old, and he is crying while his young mother stands and looks away. In a flat voice, she says “Shut your mouth”. He cries on. “Shut your mouth”. He cries on. She turns and leans into his face. “Shut your mouth or I'll slap you.” He shuts his mouth and starts to cry through his nose instead, and his mother looks away...

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System failure - the story of one headteacher's nightmare

July 17 2000

It is no longer shocking to hear of secondary school students becoming involved with drugs. It would be shocking but not unprecedented to find primary school students doing the same. However, this is the story of a primary school headteacher who was sacked last month for stealing from her school after becoming embroiled in paying off drug debts to a gang of armed crack dealers.

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How our schools suffer from dodgy politicians and gullible journalists

Published by The Guardian, November 2 2000

Nothing I have ever written has produced a reaction like the Guardian series on schools which is now being published as a book - a torrent of readers' letters spilling over with passion, more than a hundred invitations to speak at public meetings, a couple of journalism awards and a personal denunciation from the prime minister and the secretary of state for education. The current editor says the...

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The trouble with Chris Woodhead

March 2 2001

The kindest thing that critics say of David Blunkett is that he knows he's wrong - he's just forced to implement daft policies by the bullies in Downing Street. There's nothing so kind to be said about Chris Woodhead: his error is fabulous, his thinking is fatuous. But the poor boy really believes it.

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