Phone tapping

European court poised to condemn UK phone tapping

The Observer, July 29 1984

The government faces renewed criticism of its policy on telephone tapping this week when the European Court of Human Rights delivers its judgment in the case of an antiques dealer whose phone was tapped by police.

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Revealed: new home for the phone-tapping which European court condemns

The Observer, August 5 1984
with Celina Bledowska

Britain's secret telephone tapping operation, condemned by the European Court of Human Rights last week as an invasion of privacy, has moved into new headquarters in an attempt to avoid public scrutiny.

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New phone-tapping law is a collection of loopholes

The Observer, February 24 1985
Leader comment

Telephone-tapping is such an insidious intrusion in a free society that its use should be kept to the absolute minimum needed for national security or protection from terrorism or other major crimes. Its use should be controlled by statute and subject to independent checks to ensure that abuses or excesses are found out and stopped.

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British Telecom is caught tapping phones without a warrant

The Observer, May 4 1986

British Telecom faces an embarrassing public row over its use of advanced technology to tap telephones on a potentially vast scale without obtaining warrants from the Home Office.

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