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Inside the IRA


Pan Am 103 - the unstoppable anger of the bereaved

The Guardian, April 5 1989

Eleanor Hudson had nothing but a handful of flowers. The guard at the White House gate could see that. He had dark glasses, a gun on one hip, a night stick on the other, and a big gold badge on his chest. He told her to back off and started closing the gate.

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Fighting for the truth about Pan Am 103

The Mail on Sunday, July 16 1989

It was only afterwards - after the dust had settled and all the reporters and supporters had gone home - that Bert Ammermann finally calmed down enough to realise what he had done.

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Hidden story of the Beirut hostages

The Guardian, November 6 1989

There are people in the Foreign Office who confide privately that they believe Terry Waite is dead - seized as a spy in the wake of the Irangate scandal, tortured to extract information about his links with Oliver North and finally brutalised beyond endurance.

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