Security companies

How British SAS provides mercenaries for the world

The Guardian, August 3 1979

Rhodesia was a natural stopping-off point for Peter McAleese. Although he differed from the cowboy image of the Angolan mercenaries and their leader, Mr Costas Georgiou (Callan), he had one solid advantage, the fact that he had once belonged to the British Special Air Service Regiment.

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Control Risks: the privatised wing of British security

The London Daily News, June 16 1987

It was in a prison cell in Bogota in 1977 that the limelight first caught up with Control Risks. Until then the company had succeeded in setting itself up as a new power in the security world with the maximum of discretion.

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The security companies which operate as privatised wing of British intelligence

The Illustrated London News, August 1 1987

Badakhshan, northern Afghanistan. July 1983. An Englishman travelling with a group of Mujahadeen guerrillas dies in an ambush by Russian troops. The Russians recover his body along with a miniature satellite dish, a transmitter and a computerised keyboard. The Russians say the dead man was one of six Englishmen working with the Mujahadeen and they identify him by his passport as Stuart Bodman. The...

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