'Life on the Poverty Line' series

Life On the Poverty Line 1- migrants

The Guardian, October 19 2005

Ryzard studied banking and finance in Warsaw. He has ended up in a bank in London - sleeping in its doorway. He speaks English, he has a gentle obsession with chess and the solution of chess problems. He came to London to work, to earn enough to finish his studies. He has ended up virtually destitute.

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Life On the Poverty Line 2 - the rural poor

The Guardian, October 26 2005

An odd thing happened in the village a week or so ago. It was dark, about half past ten. The lane that runs down past the village hall and the church was silent as usual, the curtains were drawn across the windows of the old hamstone cottages, the last diners were lingering in the little restaurant at the bottom of the hill. And then there was a riot.

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Life on the Poverty Line 3 - The old

The Guardian, November 2 2005

Mr Purvis lives alone. He is 68. He knows a few people to talk to, but he wouldn't say they were friends exactly. He has a daughter with children, and he generally goes to see them on a Saturday. Apart from that, the most important thing he has in his life is photography.

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