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The lost skills of Victorian crime

The Times, March 12 1998

Review of The Victorian Underworld by Donald Thomas

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A Class Act. By Andrew Adonis and Stephen Pollard

May 1 1998

This is a perfectly good book, which should never have been written.

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The child prostitutes on Prince Charles' doorstep

The Daily Express, July 19 1998

Last week, Prince Charles used the columns of The Sun to launch an appeal to help the child prostitutes of Nepal, nearly 5,000 miles away.

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Poverty invades the classroom

The Guardian, September 14 1999

This is the moment. The teacher with the Bleeper has legs like an ostrich and takes the stairs three at a time. Within 30 seconds, he has reached the classroom which has called for help and there, he wades into the confusion. The trouble is Terence.

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Poverty and education: the evidence

The Guardian, September 14 1999

This is the secret that everyone knows: the children of poor families are far less likely to do well in school than those whose parents are affluent. For the last ten years, this has been almost buried in denial. "Poverty is no excuse," according to the Department for Education. Neverthless, it is the key. As everyone knows.

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Sitting and spitting: the excluded and the truants with nowhere to go

The Guardian, July 10 2000

One good thing about spitting is that it helps to pass the time. It's morning, about nine o'clock, and down on the streets of south London the school buses have dumped their loads, and the playgrounds have gone quiet. Up here, on the top floor of the tower block, the day has started, as it always does, with Karen and Philly and Annie May and the others, sitting slouched on the black-tile floor by...

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Desperately seeking Seymour as £2000 goes begging

The Guardian, June 22 2004

Somewhere in some dark corner of this country, there is an impoverished and homeless man who does not know that he has been given a bank account full of cash which could change his life.

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