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Voices of America series 1: the immigrant

The Scotsman, October 31 1988

It is twenty one years since the night when a middle-aged Chinese man slipped quietly off his merchant ship in the sprawling harbour of New Haven, Connecticut and padded away into the darkness to become an outlaw.

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Voices of America series 2: the poor

The Scotsman, November 1 1988

Denice Speed is one of the night people. Every evening, soon after darkness has driven the office workers away, she and some 6,000 other men and women are bused into the plate-glass and chrome splendour of downtown Washington DC, where they split up and swarm like termites through the buildings that the day people have left behind.

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Voices of America series 5: the radical

The Scotsman, November 4 1988

Mitch Snyder is a nobody from nowhere. He is also a personal pain in President Reagan's neck, the subject of a Hollywood film about his life, and - according to whose story you hear - either an egomaniac blackmailer or the last Good Samaritan in America.

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The great American diet - junk food and junk culture

The Scotsman and The New Zealand Dominion, November 28 1988

This may not matter, but last week Walt Disney's empire splashed its latest cartoon film across American cinema screens. It is the apparently innocuous story of an orphaned cat who takes up with a pack of dogs in New York City and is eventually rescued by a little girl called Jenny. The point here is that the cat is called Oliver, his best pal is a terrier called Dodger and the whole film claims...

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Thieves get rich while orphans suffer in Romania

The Daily Mail, July 15 1997

Mitica Gavriliuc is feeling good. He is sitting on a large and comfortable brown leather sofa, smoking a Monte Carlo cigarette and putting the finishing touches to a gigantic jigsaw puzzle of a deer on a mountainside. His dark glasses have golden rims. From time to time, his wife, Dana, who wears a gold ring and several gold necklaces, fetches him another cup of coffee.

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Paedophile networks traffick young boys across Europe

Previously unpublished, October 1 1998
Researched on commission from the New Yorker.

It is easy to miss the truth. For example, you could stand in the middle of the Bahnhof Am Zoo in the centre of Berlin and imagine

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Uganda's struggle with debt

The Guardian, June 14 1999
Researched with help from Christian Aid

The top man at Uganda 's ministry of finance in Kampala keeps an old greetings card in his office. It shows an employee who has just been given a miserly pay rise and has gone to his boss to show him what he thinks of 'trickle down' economics. He is standing on the desk and peeing on the boss's head.

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The Man in the Green Blanket - a story about South Africa today

The Guardian, May 19 2015

On August 16 2012, South African police opened fire on a large crowd of men who had walked out on strike from a platinum mine at Marikana, about 80 miles north of Johannesburg. They shot down 112 of them, killing 34.

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