Stories categorized “Pornography”:

Breaking a global child-porn ring

Published January 2001.

The Guardian, January 2001 Seven British members of a global child pornography ring named Wonderland face prison after pleading guilty to their roles in the distribution of 750,000 obscene pictures on the internet. They were among more than 100 men arrested in 107 coordinated raids across three continents in the largest international police operation mounted […]

Pornography series: the victims

Published November 1994.

This is like walking down a very long corridor. At the beginning, it is brightly lit, as bold and brash as neon, but the further you penetrate, the dimmer it gets until you reach a point where it is so dark that it is only just possible to see and only just possible to believe what you are seeing.

Pornography series: the dealers

Published November 1994.

Forty years ago, the pornography industry in Britain consisted of a single London dustman. His name was Ron Davey and he stumbled on to a source of easy money when he discovered the Surrey Nudist Club, where a few of the women members were happy to pose for photographs. Mr Davey copied their blanched breasts and carefully folded thighs on an aging Gestetner and managed to sell several hundred pictures a week.

Pornography series: the police

Published November 1994.

In October last year, the Prime Minister, John Major, stood up in front of the Conservative Party Conference and made a solemn public promise to fight pornography. It was one of the headline elements of his plan to go back to basics. He described it as “a loathsome trade” and he pledged his backing to the police who were dealing with it.

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