Stories categorized “Mental health”:

Madness behind bars

Published December 2004.

Continuing our major series on the criminal justice system, Nick Davies reveals the scandal of the tens of thousands of mentally-disordered men and women who have been herded into our prisons and left there without effective treatment.

A prison is not a mental hospital

Published December 2004.

Here’s a story about just how hard it is for a bad system to mend its ways, even when a lot of people are trying to do the right thing. It’s about a young man from Birmingham, which is important in itself, because the local prison at Winson Green is now the showcase for the prison service’s drive to improve life for its mentally-disordered inmates.

The most dangerous prisoner in Britain

Published December 2004.

In the second part of his investigation into mentally-disordered prisoners, Nick Davies tells the story of a prisoner who has become a living nightmare, one of the several thousand severely ill held behind bars and denied a hospital bed.

The jailing of mentally disordered children

Published December 2004.

Concluding his investigation into mentally-disordered prisoners, Nick Davies looks at the soaring number of children who have been locked up in prisons which cannot deal with their often alarming mental health problems.


Published July 1998.

When 18-year-old Daniel Joseph finally went berserk it was hardly a surprise. As long ago as last summer he had been diagnosed as psychotic. And the warning bells rang ever louder, up until the time he killed Carla Thompson: Nick Davies on another tragic failure for Community Care

Psychiatry and safety

Published June 1994.

Last summer, a couple of months before she died, Georgina Robinson had an odd conversation with her brother, Julian. They were driving home to their parents’ house together and they started talking about Georgina’s work, helping the mentally ill at a small specialist centre in Torbay in south Devon.

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