'Prison People' series

The mad world of Parkhurst Prison

The Guardian, March 5 1994

Bob Johnson had never been in a prison before and yet as soon as he walked through the iron gates of C Wing, he felt the familiarity of it all: the sagging men with baggy eyes and their tired shuffle of a walk; the other men, with uniforms, calling them by their first names but never quite connecting; the overwhelming staleness of the place. He had seen it all before - on the locked wards of...

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Confessions of a prison governor

The Guardian, February 1 1995

Joe Whitty was the Governor of Feltham Youth Custody Centre, one of the most senior men in British prisons, a respected advisor of Home Secretaries and civil servants, when, one bleak morning in March 1992, he walked into the cell of a young man named John Kirkland, who had hanged himself during the night.

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