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Women in prison

Long term inmates

Women who are jailed for being poor

The Guardian, February 8 1996

It was early morning when they came to get her. She had just stumbled out of bed, heading for the kitchen, turning on the TV, calling out to the kids to make sure they were OK - Marie was only three but she had had a bad chest since she was born, and now the baby had picked up this stomach bug that wouldn't go away - and then the door bell rang.

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The probation service collapses into chaos

The Guardian, April 14 2004

Senior probation officers have told the Guardian that some life prisoners are being kept behind bars for two or three years too long, simply because their overstretched service cannot provide the reports which the parole board needs to consider their release.

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The senior judge who wants less punishment for criminals

The Guardian, August 17 2005

The retiring lord chief justice, Lord Woolf, today makes a passionate plea for a new approach to law and order which would see a major shift away from punishment towards the solution of problems which generate crime.

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