Other police killings

Witness to police shooting contradicts official story

The Observer, June 17 1984

The internal Scotland Yard inquiry into the police shooting of two unarmed men at a north London post office last week is faced with a clash of evidence between the police and the only independent witness.

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Call for inquiry as police kill five-year-old boy

The Observer, August 25 1985
with Arthur Osman and Shyam Bhatia

The Home Office was under pressure last night to launch a full inquiry into the police use of firearms after a five-year-old Birmingham boy, John Shorthouse, was shot dead by police who burst into the house and arrested his father.

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Paralysed by a police bullet

Time Out, July 19 1989

Danny Carey could hardly believe they had shot him. He could hardly even believe they were policemen. He just lay there, bleeding everywhere, with this strange feeling in his legs, as if they were being pumped up with air or something, thinking he must be dying and waiting for someone to do something - call an ambulance or fetch a doctor or just tell him what the hell was going on.

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How police killed a man - and then killed the story

The Guardian, April 27 2009

The family of Ian Tomlinson, who died earlier this month at the G20 protest in London, are planning to file a new complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, IPCC. This will deal not with the events that led to his death but with the fog of media misinformation which followed it.

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