Riots and the police

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Brixton 1981 and 1985

Battle of the Beanfield

Police turn to army for riot-control equipment

The Guardian, July 15 1981

Senior police officers yesterday visited army camps at Hilton, near Derby, and Chobham in Surrey to watch demonstrations of the Army's water cannon. They were also offered an immediate supply of 14 armoured personnel carriers which are surplus to army needs.

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Not a lot of law as police inflict order on striking miners

The Observer, June 26 1984

Police strategy at Orgreave coking plant - scene of last week's pitched battle - has settled into something approaching a ritual.

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Yard moves to stamp out police racism and violence

The Observer, February 23 1986

Scotland Yard has drawn up a large programme of reform to stamp out racism and bullying in London's police ranks.

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