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Holloway psychiatric wing

'The Crime File' series - Madness Behind Bars


Prisons used as 'dumping ground' for Sutcliffe and others with mentally illness

The Guardian, October 11 1982

Psychiatrists are subjecting the Home Office to a barrage of criticism over the treatment of Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, who they say is being unjustly sacrificed to public opinion.

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Dying for a place in a secure hospital

The Observer, June 29 1986

Anthony Corbett had been in mental hospitals since he was seven. He was severely mentally impaired and a mute. Then, last autumn, the young West Indian was accused of killing a female fellow patient. He was taken out of hospital and remanded to Brixton Prison.

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The killer and his victim- both let down by the system

The Guardian, July 14 1998

At about ten to eight on January 22 this year, an 18-year-old Londoner named Daniel Joseph kicked in the door of a council-flat in Brixton, south London, strode into the bedroom, twisted his fists into the hair of the woman who was sleeping there and dragged her onto the floor. He then unleashed a hurricane of unmitigated violence.

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The senior judge who wants less punishment for criminals

The Guardian, August 17 2005

The retiring lord chief justice, Lord Woolf, today makes a passionate plea for a new approach to law and order which would see a major shift away from punishment towards the solution of problems which generate crime.

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