Michelle and Lisa Taylor

A murder and a miscarriage

June 5 1993

One evening in the early summer of 1991, a police constable named Sean Oxley received an unusual phone call in his office in Bow Street police station. Oxley was then working with an undercover unit, mixing with homeless people to gather intelligence about street crime and he was well known among the social workers in the soup kitchens and hostels of central London. It was one of these social...

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The newspapers which hounded the Taylor sisters

The Guardian, November 1 1994

When Michelle and Lisa Taylor walked free from the High Court one Friday morning in June last year, they left behind them a life sentence which had been torn up by the judges, and a delicate problem which remained to be handled by the Attorney General.

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The scoop monger

The Guardian, December 4 1997

When politicians in different corners of the world wonder out loud whether Rupert Murdoch is becoming too powerful, they are thinking normally on a grand scale, about his potential to manipulate governments or to subvert national cultures. However, the same question can arise on a much more human scale, if any ordinary individuals find themselves challenging Rupert's rule.

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