Amsterdam shows the way out of drugs prohibition

The Observer, September 2 1984

The first uncertain sign of a new approach to the heroin epidemic in Western Europe is a scruffy wooden shack astride two barges on a canal in the middle of Amsterdam.

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A paedophile ring in Amsterdam

The Guardian, April 5 1997
with Melanie McFadeyan and Eamon O'Connor

It is an ordinary flat. The camera pans around the room catching sight of a bookshelf full of paperbacks, a desk which is untidy with letters and files, a couple of paintings on the wall, a chair or two, and then the doorway, the blank open doorway, and, as the camera waits, a man suddenly appears there. The only sound is the quiet crackle of the video tape.

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Paedophile networks traffick young boys across Europe

Previously unpublished, October 1 1998
Researched on commission from the New Yorker.

It is easy to miss the truth. For example, you could stand in the middle of the Bahnhof Am Zoo in the centre of Berlin and imagine

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Radical solutions: lessons from Holland

The Guardian, July 12 2000

If Tony Blair can do it, then so can we. Let us think the unthinkable. Repeatedly.

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Paedophilia is easy 1: how police finally caught up with a network of child abusers

The Guardian, November 25 2000

A little way south of the centre of Bristol, there is a neat and peaceful patch of suburbia called Brislington. In amongst its red-brick rows of Victorian terraced homes, there is a street called Churchill Road - just an ordinary collection of two-storey houses with patches of grass out back and a couple of For Sale signs in the front. The door to number 49 is painted cream.

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Paedophilia is easy 2: how a paedophile murder inquiry fell apart

The Guardian, November 27 2000

A year after Bristol police finally started to unravel the ring of paedophiles who had been abusing children in the city for up to twenty years, they came across an informant who opened up a new and alarming line of inquiry.

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