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Yorkshire Ripper

Dennis Nilsen

Trial of the man who broke into the palace to see the Queen

The Guardian, September 24 1982

An Old Bailey jury heard yesterday how an unemployed decorator, Michael Fagan, broke into Buckingham Palace, frightened a Royal chambermaid, and then spent an hour 'looking at the art' before leaving undetected.

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Death of a legal legend

The Scotsman and The New Zealand Dominion, September 5 1988

The last time I saw the greatest criminal trial lawyer in the world, he was laid out on his sofa like a fallen tree, all six foot four of him, with his huge grey head hoisted up on two white satin pillows and his black walking cane propped up beside him.

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Trial of the crew who murdered stowaways

The Guardian, December 11 1995

The chief officer said it all. After the French police had questioned him, when finally they had persuaded him to admit to eight wretched, bloody murders - to admit that he had been there personally with his pistol in his hand while the Africans were shot to death - the Ukrainian sailor cocked his chin at the cops and told them that he had done nothing wrong really. He said: “Europe will thank...

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The frustrated dreams of ordinary people

The Guardian, April 6 1996

It was a dark day in Lewes Crown Court, and the man in the dock looked guilty. He was a shabby little guy, probably in his early 50s, with a balding head and a black leather jacket and he was accused of making threats to kill. While he sat frowning to himself, his own barrister started hanging him out to dry, telling the jury that he understood that they were bound to dislike his client whose...

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