Hilda Murrell

Special Branch involved in Murrell murder inquiry

The Observer, December 23 1984
with David Leigh and Jonathan Foster

Despite denials, Special Branch officers have been investigating the murder of Hilda Murrell, the Shrewsbury spinster whose death was linked with British intelligence in Parliament last week.

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Home Office claims to know truth in Murrell case - before police have investigated

The Observer, January 6 1985

Even before detectives have begun investigating suggestions that the peace activist Hilda Murrell was killed by British intelligence, their inquiries have apparently been anticipated by a Home Office denial.

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Revealed: secret surveillance of Sizewell nuclear objectors

The Observer, January 27 1985
with Martin Bailey

Objectors at the public inquiry into the Sizewell nuclear reactor have been the target of a secret surveillance operation by a private detective agency which has links with British intelligence.

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Private investigators 'buy secrets and commit crimes for the state'

The Observer, February 3 1985

Scotland Yard is being pressed to investigate allegations that private detectives have been secretly working for government departments and obtaining highly confidential information from official records.

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Murrell nephew says murder was 'state crime'

The Observer, March 30 1986

Murdered rose grower and anti-nuclear campaigner Hilda Murrell was the victim of a 'state crime,' according to her nephew, former Intelligence officer Rob Green.

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Hilda Murrell: how real fear of the secret state created an unreal scandal

The Guardian, March 21 1994

It was a rotten time, aggressive and cynical. The task force was back from the South Atlantic, the cruise missiles were coming into Greenham Common, they were shooting to kill in Belfast, they were banning unions at GCHQ and trampling down strikers in the coal fields. It was a time of ruthlessness in Government and of the crushing of enemies. And everywhere, there was the shadow of the secret...

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