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The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain

Published April 1998. One comment... »

In November last year, every newspaper in Britain carried the story of how Scotland Yard had worked with police forces around the country to raid the rooms of teachers at private schools in search of evidence of their involvement in a paedophile ring. The more interesting story, however, was the raid which never happened.

Silencing a scandal – the story of Colin Smart

Published April 1998. One comment... »

This is a story we are not supposed to tell. It is about a man named Colin Smart, a mild-mannered, rather bookish character who spent his working life in local government looking after children, and who rose in the early 1990s to become the Director of Social Services for the city of Sunderland.

Praying with its eyes shut – the Church and child abuse

Published April 1998.

When Coventry police investigated the Rev’d Phil Aspinall’s behaviour with young boys, they cleared him of breaking the law. He had committed no offence. But for the Bishop of Coventry, the priest’s behaviour raised a different problem. Three adolescent boys separately had complained that Aspinall had made sexual overtures to them. Child protection experts had warned that he was guilty of inappropriate behaviour. In any other job, they said, he would have been suspended. The Church of England, however, tried to turn the other cheek…..

System failure

Published April 1998.

Daniel Handley was unlucky. He was riding his bike near his home in the East End of London one dark Sunday afternoon in October 1994 when he was spotted by two men who had gone out in their car that day with the specific intention of finding a boy whom they could abduct and rape and kill. Daniel died that evening. He was nine.

Child prostitutes and poverty in Britain

Published November 1997.

It is one of the lingering images of Victorian poverty: the little waif in a ragged dress standing in the lamplight in the foggy darkness of a city street waiting for the rich man in his carriage to buy her favours.

Secrecy imposed on the exposure of alleged child abuse – news and feature

Published October 1997.

News story –

Denial and despair in North Wales

Published September 1997.

The Guardian September 1997 No one is listening. For years, the muffled sound of scandal has been leaking from the closed world of Britain’s children’s homes, sometimes through the trial of a care worker who has turned out to be a child rapist, sometimes in rumours about paedophile rings and cover-ups and connections in high […]

Child abuse and corruption in Romania – two stories

Published June 1997.

Story One –

A paedophile ring in Amsterdam

Published March 1997.

It is an ordinary flat. The camera pans around the room catching sight of a bookshelf full of paperbacks, a desk which is untidy with letters and files, a couple of paintings on the wall, a chair or two, and then the doorway, the blank open doorway, and, as the camera waits, a man suddenly appears there. The only sound is the quiet crackle of the video tape.

Losing the battle against child abuse

Published August 1996. One comment... »

The Belgian Minister of Justice looked weak and depressed as he sat before the world’s press this week and tried to explain how his police officers had failed to detect Marcel Dutroux, the 39-year-old builder who has confessed to the serial rape and abduction of young girls.

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