Child prostitution

Children for sale on the streets of UK cities

The Mail on Sunday magazine, November 21 1993

Scenes from a city. England, the autumn of 1993.  In a McDonald's hamburger bar, two boys sit at a table. Jamie is eleven; he is small and slim with blond hair, pale blue eyes and a face with the kind of impish innocence that makes old ladies want to pat him on the head. Luke is 13, chubby with pink puppy-fat cheeks and a chunky little body whose roundness is exaggerated by the padded red anorak...

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Poor People series 2 - children who sell themselves

The Guardian, August 29 1994

West Yorkshire. September 1992. Police report that a quarter of the prostitutes who are arrested in their vice areas are aged 16 or under. They say the figures have soared in the previous 12 months. During 1991, less than four per cent of prostitutes they dealt with were under age.

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Child abuse on the streets of Bucharest

The Daily Mail, July 14 1997

There is a gypsy woman in Bucharest who spends several hours each night standing on the pavement of a residential street called Stirbei Voda, about five minutes drive from the city centre, selling a little something to the passers-by.

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Child prostitutes and poverty in Britain

The Daily Express, November 1 1997
Promoting the book 'Dark Heart'

It is one of the lingering images of Victorian poverty: the little waif in a ragged dress standing in the lamplight in the foggy darkness of a city street waiting for the rich man in his carriage to buy her favours.

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The child prostitutes on Prince Charles' doorstep

The Daily Express, July 19 1998

Last week, Prince Charles used the columns of The Sun to launch an appeal to help the child prostitutes of Nepal, nearly 5,000 miles away.

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