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The truth about a concocted story

Published November 2008.

The Guardian, November 2008 When the Jersey police this week confessed that – contrary to so many ghoulish news stories – they have, in truth, no evidence of children being murdered and buried in an old children’s home on the island, they laid the blame at their own door. That tells only part of the […]

How the police failed to investigate a judge

Published September 2008.

The Guardian, September 2008 Police have been ordered to review their handling of the case of a judge accused of sexually abusing young children after claims that they failed adequately to investigate him because he was a friend of the chief constable. The judge, who for legal reasons can be named only as Judge X, […]

Concocting a horror story

Published May 2008.

The Guardian, May 2008 Anybody who has been plugged into the news over the past few months could be forgiven for believing that police searching a former care home in Jersey have already found evidence of children being murdered. This belief could have been encouraged by headlines such as: ” ‘Six or more’ bodies at […]

Breaking a global child-porn ring

Published January 2001.

The Guardian, January 2001 Seven British members of a global child pornography ring named Wonderland face prison after pleading guilty to their roles in the distribution of 750,000 obscene pictures on the internet. They were among more than 100 men arrested in 107 coordinated raids across three continents in the largest international police operation mounted […]

Paedophilia is easy: how police finally caught up with a network of child abusers

Published October 2000.

A little way south of the centre of Bristol, there is a neat and peaceful patch of suburbia called Brislington. In amongst its red-brick rows of Victorian terraced homes, there is a street called Churchill Road – just an ordinary collection of two-storey houses with patches of grass out back and a couple of For Sale signs in the front. The door to number 49 is painted cream.

Paedophilia is easy, 2: how a paedophile murder inquiry fell apart

Published October 2000.

A year after Bristol police finally started to unravel the ring of paedophiles in the city who had been abusing children for up to twenty years, they came across an informant who opened up a new and alarming line of inquiry.

Poverty invades the classroom

Published September 1999.

This is the moment. The teacher with the Bleeper has legs like an ostrich and takes the stairs three at a time. Within 30 seconds, he has reached the classroom which has called for help and there, he wades into the confusion. The trouble is Terence.

The strange case of the vanishing boy

Published September 1998.

Just over four years ago, on the afternoon of Monday June 13 1994, a 13-year-old American boy named Nicholas Barclay vanished on his way home from playing basketball near his home in San Antonio, Texas.

An example of organised child abuse – news and feature

Published August 1998.

News –

Cries Unheard. The Story of Mary Bell. By Gitta Sereny

Published May 1998.

Maybe this book should never have been written.

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