Italian in London linked to terror group

The Guardian, May 25 1983

The young Italian who was arrested in Chelsea last January by the anti-terrorist squad, worked with members of a right-wing Italian terrorist group; took part in the murder of two Rome policemen; and committed a series of armed robberies, it was alleged yesterday.

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Petrone "spoke about murder of policemen"

The Guardian, May 26 1983

An Italian who is alleged to taken part in the killing of two policemen in Rome last year, later described the killings and said "There are two less", according to a statement by a police informer, read to a London court yesterday.

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The dark truth behind a vicious attack by Italian police

The Guardian, July 17 2008

It was just before midnight when the first police officer hit Mark Covell, swiping his truncheon down on his left shoulder. Covell did his best to yell out in Italian that he was a journalist but, within seconds, he was surrounded by riot-squad officers thrashing him with their sticks. For a while, he managed to stay on his feet but then a baton blow to the knee sent him crashing to the...

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