Hack Attack (2014)

Nick Davies spent more than six years uncovering the truth about crime at the News of the World. It was a project which eventually inflicted a crisis on some of the most powerful people in the land, exposing the inner workings of government, big business and police. Hack Attack is the inside story of the whole scandal.

It tells for the first time how a network of rebels – lawyers, MPs and celebrities – worked with Davies to dig and to keep digging until they had exposed the facts: how they challenged Rupert Murdoch, arguably the most powerful man in the world; how Murdoch’s company attempted to protect itself with lies and threats; how Scotland Yard and the UK press regulator helped to conceal the truth and attacked those who were trying to expose it. And it describes the nail-biting finale as the emerging scandal began to threaten Murdoch’s plans to seal the biggest deal of his life.

Hack Attack blows the lid off three of the most powerful institutions in the UK: Downing Street, Fleet Street and Scotland Yard. It breaks into the hidden world of government to reveal in detail how Murdoch executives and journalists spent years pressurising ministers and officials for political favours including the invasion of Iraq and the breach with the EU. It names dozens of private investigators who worked for national newspapers, some of them routinely engaging in crime, and it exposes the ruthless bullying, cheating and law-breaking inside Murdoch’s biggest-selling title. Behind the scenes in Britain’s most powerful police force, it reconstructs the role of senior officers in a history of concealment and failure which aided a cynical cover-up. As Davies and the other rebels pressed home with the truth, panic gripped the power elite, and the book  portrays the convulsions inside government and parliament and the outbreak of chaos inside Murdoch’s empire as rival factions squabbled and ran for cover.

Based on dozens of exclusive interviews with the private investigators, journalists, police officers, politicians and Murdoch executives who were involved, Hack Attack is the story of what happened when truth caught up with power.

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