Stories from 2007:

Pity the poor immigrant

Published December 2007.

The Guardian, December 2007 “I don’t want my son to live the same life I have led. I don’t want my family to suffer. We are all in the same world. Some people are suffering and some people are enjoying and I don’t know the reason why.” That was the last paragraph of a story […]

Increasing global warming (by pretending to reduce it)

Published December 2007.

The Guardian, December 2007 The global system which is supposed to cut greenhouse gases is being gatecrashed by hundreds of projects which will actually increase the net amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere, according to a report published today. As the latest UN conference on climate change opens in Bali, the report from […]

The great climate change screw-up

Published June 2007.

The Guardian, June 2007 In the autumn of 2005, three journalists who work for an environmental group in New Delhi, the Centre for Science and Environment, decided to investigate some of the Indian projects which were trying to break into the lucrative new business of carbon trading. They started looking at four schemes in Andhra […]

Failure at the heart of the fight against climate change

Published June 2007.

The Guardian, June 2007 A Guardian investigation has found evidence of serious irregularities at the heart of the process on which the world is relying to control global warming. The UN’s Clean Development Mechanism, which is supposed to offset greenhouse gases emitted in the developed world by selling carbon credits from cleaner projects elsewhere, has […]

The worrying truth about carbon offsets

Published June 2007.

The Guardian, June 2007 It’s 20 months now since British Airways proudly announced its new scheme to deal with climate change: for the first time, passengers could offset their share of the carbon produced by any flight by paying for the same amount of carbon to be taken out of the atmosphere elsewhere. “I welcome […]

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