Hans Rausing: how the numbers add up

The Guardian, April 11 2002

Spending by Hans Rausing and his three adult children on the purchase and improvement of their homes in the UK, followed by figures on the money that Rausing gives to and takes from the UK government.


Hans and wife Marit:

· Wadhurst Park, East Sussex.  Purchase price unknown. Spending on improvements includes:

· Reconstruction of main house £1.4m;

· New wing for guests £850,000;

· Indoor swimming pool and sauna £800,000;

· Verandah with retractable blind £220,000;

· Barn conversion £200,000;

· Conservatory £150,000;

· Play area for grandchildren £25,000


New copper roof on the main house; ld coach house converted to guest house for family visitors; old barn converted; new hot house, cool house and conservatory; riding school converted into a new house for the security man; new stables with tack room; new house for the estate manager; a workshop; a chiller room; and old farm yard converted into a tea room with toilets.


· Terrace of three houses, Holland Park, London £2.5m

· 380-acre east Sussex estate £1.25m Improvements: £1.3m

· 48,000-acre Highland estate, near Fort William £3.37m Improvements: £13.72m


· Mansion, Holland Park, London £20m (estimate) Improvements £4m (estimate)

· 40,000-acre Highland estate, near Inverness £8m

Other London properties:

Six-storey house, Knightsbridge, home of Hans Kristian (Hans’s son);

Chelsea flat Hans’ London base;

39 Sloane Street family secretariat office


How the richest man in Britain dealt with the Treasury (all figures relate to the tax year 1998/99)

1. What he owed the tax man on:

· Income held in the rest of the world     Zero

· Capital gains held in the rest of the world     Zero

· Three UK businesses      Zero

· Income and gains brought into the UK     £256,062.03

2. What he deducted from this tax bill for:

· Losses at his deer farm      £64,612.28

· Overpayment previous year     £41,941.65

Total deductions:      £106,553.93

3. What he paid the tax man (Subtract 2 from 1):      £149,508.10

4. What he claimed back from the Treasury:

· Farming grants       £136,158.71

· VAT refunds at farms       £83,543.77

Total claims:      £219,702.48

5. Effective surplus: (Subtract 3 from 4) £70,194.38