Stories from 1992:

The massacre inside the Bay City Rollers

Published December 1992.

It’s hard to be sure exactly when Les McKeown’s bubble burst. Maybe it was right back on his first night in the Bay City Rollers when the lead guitarist ordered him to dump his girl friend and Les ended up trying to batter him on the back seat of the car. Maybe it was when the promoter in America pulled a gun on him, or when his manager was busted for gross indecency, or when he got so fed up in the recording studio one time that he sneaked in after dark and wiped all the tapes clean. Maybe it was only ever really perfect when it was all in Les’ head.

Death by fire – and privatisation

Published December 1992.

Disconnection is a thing of the past. Ask any electricity company, and they’ll tell you that in the new world of privatised electricity, no-one has to live in the dark and cold any more. If someone has trouble with a bill, they can have a pre-payment meter. Then they just pop down to the showroom, buy a token, push it into the meter and there it is – fuel without fear of debt. Just look at the figures: June this year saw sixty percent fewer homes disconnected than June last year. It’s a thing of the past…

Truth behind the fatal sinking of a trawler

Published November 1992.

Luck sometimes gets so bad that it no longer seems like luck at all.

Portrait of a thief as a poor boy

Published November 1992.

One day last summer, when Joey had been arrested yet again for yet another burglary, his solicitor went down to the police station to see him and he sat down opposite him in the interview room with all the graffiti on the wall, and he sighed and he asked him straight: “Joey, why do you do it?”

The battle for Twyford Down

Published July 1992.

Up on the great green mound, high over the valley and the plains that sweep down towards the sea, it seems as if in the whole world, there are only two sounds. There is the wind rummaging in the grass just as it has done every day for as long as the land has been here, and there is the beast.

The tantalising mystery of a murder in Pembrokeshire

Published June 1992.

Real mysteries are rare, but there are occasions when ordinary life is violated by an incident which is so bizarre and so unexpected that even when time has passed and all the little fragments of fact have been swept up and fitted together, the truth still defies the most ingenious imagination. And it is invariably the most ordinary of lives which produce the most baffling mysteries.

Official misbehaviour in the case of Patricia Cahill and Karyn Smith

Published January 1992.

The story of Patricia Cahill and Karyn Smith is, in one sense, simply a story about injustice, in which two daft teenagers are robbed of their youth in a foreign jail, one for being reckless, the other for nothing – merely for being there. But beyond that, it is a story of intrigue and secret manoeuvure, in which almost every party behaves with breath-taking selfishness and in which the simple truth of the injustice is lost in a blizzard of lies.

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