Petrone “spoke about murder of policemen”

The Guardian, May 26 1983

An Italian who is alleged to taken part in the killing of two policemen in Rome last year, later described the killings and said “There are two less”, according to a statement by a police informer, read to a London court yesterday.

The Italian government is applying for the extradition of Luciano Petrone, aged 24, who is alleged to have helped in the murder of the two policemen and to have committed robberies with members of the extreme right-wing NAR, Armed Revolutionary Nucleus, before fleeing to Spain and then to London last year.

At Bow Street magistrates court yesterday, lawyers acting for the Italian government read statements made by a self-confessed members of the NAR, Walter Sordi, who has since become a police informer.

Sordi claimed that hours after the policemen were shot, on June 8 1982, Petrone told him “There two less” and told him that he and three other youths had killed the officers after the latter tried to search them while they waited for a friend who was with a prostitute in a nearby car.

The hearing has been adjourned until Friday next week.